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our mission

At Snap’t, we believe in bringing kids of all ages together by giving them the materials to express themselves in fun, creative ways. We believe in offering great-looking, premium quality products delivered to you with a smile. We believe that looking good and feeling good should be one and the same. And we believe in you – in all your cool, funny, spunky, crazy, and stylish glory.


our story

If sisters Tara Katz and Erica Harrison couldn’t find something they wanted when they were growing up, they simply created it themselves. Want a Barbie with short hair? Just give yours a pixie cut. Want a sweatshirt like the one in “Flashdance”? Hey, just take the scissors and make one. So when they grew up and had a hard time finding great-looking, high-quality products that helped their young daughters express themselves, Tara and Erica knew they only had one choice: To create a company that let girls everywhere express their inner awesomeness.

Snap’t is about expressing yourself, every day of the week and every hour of the day. It’s about having the freedom to change your style whenever you please. And it’s about having fun – lots of fun. Feeling a bit feisty on Monday morning? Time to rock a skull-and-crossbones necklace. Mellowed out by the afternoon? Just add a peace sign and you’re good to go. At Snap’t, we believe in mixing things up, piling things on and always showing the world just what makes you funny, spicy, sensitive, moody, crazy, flirty, peace-loving and punk rock. What makes you an individual? What makes you Snap’t? 


The Lowdown

Cleaning Snap'ts

We want you to enjoy your Snap’t pieces forever. That’s why we recommend doing the following to preserve their long life:

  • When getting ready, apply any beauty products first, before putting on your pieces.
  • Remove Snap’t products before hand-washing, showering or swimming in chlorine pools or saltwater.
  • Safety first! Remove Snap’t pieces before engaging in sports or strenuous activities.
  • Do not clean Snap’t products with jewelry cleansers or harsh chemicals. Treat them with love – a soft cloth with mild soap and lukewarm water will do the trick!

Product Safety

We are a family owned company and product safety is one of our top priorities!  As siblings and parents of five children collectively, we assure you that we care about the welfare of your children as we do our own.

Throughout all stages, we ensure the highest quality control programs and testing through a third party. We use independent, highly accredited, testing laboratories located in the US.  

We are in accordance with the following stringent safety standards: ASTM E1479-99(2011), California Health and Safety Code 25214.41, and CPSC-CH-E1001-08 & E1003-09.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at



    • It is best to style out your base pieces before putting them on.
    • Do not use the chain to secure the piece when removing the snap attachment.
    • Snaps will become looser with use and initial tightness is normal.
    • Did you know that the human head weighs 8 lbs? 

Snap't Cares

At Snap't we believe in community and giving back.  Please check out our most recent partnership and charity snap here!



Press Love

Snap’t is the newest craze to hit the teen and tween accessories’ markets! Find out what the press is saying about our products.


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Snap't is now available exclusively through Stortz Toys in Canada.



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