From Valentino to Target,  Chanel to Forever21, we just cant seem to get enough of these amazing accessories to adorn our bags, backpacks, clutches, gym bags, you name it. These babies can clip to virtually anything with a zipper or loop, and are just as useful when used as a keychain. Seriously. Endless. Possibilities.Keep it simple with a fringe tassel, make a statement with a faux fur pompom (or two, or three), dream the dream with the softest feathers - charms are our new favorite way to accessorize our accessories- it’s the BFF your bag can’t live without!  We’ve seen bag charms made from virtually every material out there: gold, leather, sequins, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, faux- fur, metals, the list goes on and on. But there is  just something about that little furry pom-pom guy that makes us feel luxurious and silly all at once.  
Whether you're in the market for a cute fashion toy or just must look unbelievably chic, there's something out there to make everyone a fashionista and to fit every budget!
I mean, who can resist making a bag look a thousand different ways!
The best thing about bag charms is that you can just unclip them and clip on a new one and …viola…change the look of your bag instantly! (Perfect for the commitment-phob)
So what are you waiting for? Your bag is begging for it!