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We couldn’t be more proud to begin our blog with a story about something so important and something that really touches so close to home for us. Growing up, we were fortunate enough to spend many a summer (11 to be exact) at our home away from home; sleep away camp. For those not familiar with this - it sounds, well, downright terrifying. Sending your young child away for (gulp) seven weeks over the summer? Seems so cruel! BUT, when you receive that independent, appreciative, thoughtful, unplugged child at the end of those seven weeks, it’s as if a magical, golden glow is flowing out of every pore of their body!

But, not every child has opportunities to thrive and grow in this incredible environment.  Enter - Project Morry. This organization was the brain child of Morry Stein, owner of Camp Echo Lake in the lush mountains of upstate NY. Morry was spearheading a fundraising effort so that underprivileged children could experience the overnight camping experience when tragically, his plane crashed on the way home from an American Camp Association meeting. Turning his dream into a reality, his family, friends, colleagues and campers created Morry’s Camp. Twenty four years later and stronger than ever,  Project Morry is a nine-year (from grade 4-12) youth development program that offers year-round support and educational enrichment through the School Year program, which is run in conjunction with a dynamic summer camp experience, Morry’s Camp.

To say that Project Morry makes a fundamental difference in the lives of these children is an understatement. High school graduation rates from the communities served by Project Morry are as low as 61%. Project Morry’s student outcome is 98%, the majority of whom go on to receive a college diploma as well. Just peruse the Project Morry website to read success story after success story.

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At Snap’t, we too are committed to making a difference. While we have worked with Anti-bullying charities since our inception 3 years ago, we have chosen to partner with Project Morry for our Camp Snap’t Charms. These limited edition charms let your camper show their true camp pride and are a great gift for girls. Hang these sweet girls bag accessories from your school backpack, purse, or anything with a zipper (or loop for that matter). Use as a keychain- the possibilities are endless. And so will the possibilities for these youths. Help us make a difference today! 

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 Not a camper? No problem. We know that you still want to make a difference in the lives of young people. Check out all the great girls hair accessories, tween jewelry and more and use code: morry - we’ll still donate 20% of your order to Project Morry! Shop Now! >